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The 13th Virginia Infantry Company E
The Culpeper Riflemen
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We are honored to reenact this great unit and in the memories of the Brave Soldiers, who fought in the war for Southern Independence. They will not be forgotten.
The 13th Virginia Infantry Company E is a reenacting, non-profit, family oriented unit. That was formed August 27th 2007 in Parkersburg WV. On our pages you will also find information and some pictures of our love for reenacting. 


     The History of the 13th Virginia Infantry Regiments starts officially on May 9th, 1861. The Regiment was organized in Virginia at Harper's Ferry.  On July 1, 1861 the Regiment was accepted into the Confederate service.   At the time the state of Virginia still included western Virginia.  Later, it was to have some effect on the Regiment in 1863 when the western part of Virginia was accepted into the Union as the new state of West Virginia.
      The Regiment was composed of companies from neighboring counties, as was all Virginia Regiment if possible.The companies of the 13th came from the north central and northwestern regions of Virginia. Orange County provided companies A, C, and F. Culpeper County provided companies B and E.Winchester County furnished company H. Louisa County provided company D.Hampshire County provided companies I and K.Company G was raised by Southern sympathizers in Maryland.
     The original Companies B and E did not serve throughtout the war, Thay were mustered out in November 1861 and January 1862, due to their period of service had expired. In March 1862, two new companies B and E was formed in Culpeper County and mustered into the Regiment. Company B was known as the Culpeper Minutemen. Company E was known as the Culpeper RiflemenCompany G was dismissed from the Regiment in 1862, as a result of the Conscription Act.  The members of Company G  were non-residents of the Confededate States, due to being (Marylanders).