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The 13th Virginia Infantry Company E is a Confederate civil war reenacting unit based out of Parkersburg West Virginia. That was formed in August of 2007.
 We strive to be non-political, to use a Military structure that is set in place, promote a family-oriented atmosphere, and maintain a quality of authticity with reality. We also try to camp together and fight together as a unit.
We are looking for those that have the same goals and interest on what reenacting should be.( Reenacting should be fun while showing the true life experieces of the past).


Any member under 18 Must have to have their parent or guardian signature to join. Under 16 can not be on the battlefield.( unless has experience in reenacting or has been drilled). Under 10  can not be on the field due to being under the age limit. But there are children battles at most events.
 Meetings are held at events, one a month when possible.
Check our website for up to date Information on events and meeting. It is also best to add the web site to your favorites on your computer.
4.Families: All military members are expected to participate with there respective units. All civilians are expected to have there own membership be under the family plan. Family who are informally at events do not have to join but only members may vote or speak at meetings.
1. No politic's.
2. Must attend three events a year.
3. Must be Loyal to the Company and the Division.
4. No firing weapons in camp.
5. Must be period dressed in and out of camp.
6. Camp must be period and kept clean at all times.
7. A vest or coat must be used at all times (except post battle and in the excessive heat).
8. Officers and NCO's must be addressed by name or rank. Ladies should be treated as such No Exceptions Will Be Tolerated.
9. Weapons must be cleaned after the battle and checked before the next formation.
10. Canteens must be filled before first call. ( if canteen is not filled you will not be permitted on the field )
11. We are honoring This great unit and the brave soldiers who fought in the war for the Southern Independence. This is the Confederate Army of the 1800's. Not The Salvation Army of today. Other units and spectators are looking to see what is FARB. Farb is term in the hobby of historical reenacting for participants who exhibit less commitment to historical authenticity. It is also used as  a objective ( Your wearing dress pants with your uniform ? thats so FARB ). You have one year to get all your things. After one year you don't have all your things you may be mustered out of the Company.
12. No drugs or alcahol we are a dry camp.

To become a member please fill out this form or call 1(304)428-5583

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